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Our English as a Second Language program is available, free of cost, to adults who live or work in Needham and are committed to learning English.

STUDENTS: If you are interested in learning, or improving, English, from beginners to advanced students, please contact the Needham Community Council. We will help you complete an application form, and will make arrangements for you to work one on one with a tutor. You will meet with the tutor once a week at a time and location in Needham that is convenient for you and the tutor. Tutors are available during the day, and some evenings.

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If you are interested in practicing your English, the Needham Community Council also has many conversation groups that meet once a week at the Community Council. You may participate in both individual tutoring and a conversation group.

TUTORS: The tutors for our ESL program are trained Needham residents. The Needham Community Council conducts a five week, ten hour training course for tutors. If you are interested in becoming a tutor, please call the Council and express your interest. We will keep you informed about the next available training session. If you participate in the training program, we request that you make at least a six-month commitment to your student. You will meet with your student once a week at a mutually convenient time and location. The Needham Community Council provides continual support and materials for the tutors and their students, and will arrange for your tutoring location.

Contact us at 781-444-2415 for information about our next Tutor Training.

Both tutors and students have found this program to be most rewarding. Many tutors and students have formed lasting friendships. Tutors have helped students study for their citizenship exams and prepare for college entrance exams. Some students are interested in learning basic everyday English. Other students are more advanced, and wish to study reading and writing. The program is varied, and reaches out to all levels of students.


Tutor Training Programs are offered here to download a request for information form if you would like to be notified of our next training session.